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Since 1990


1990… Graffiti comes into my life.

Happy and unhappy teenage years.

Nastase, Lendl, Chang were the Kings in my court.

From the schoolyard to the prison yard of that damn Canadian jail.

Passion, values, ambition, a vision that’s avant-garde and misunderstood…

Coming of age robbed by injustice. Wasted energy, aimless nights.

“Smash it” to forget the darks days of the present.

Scribbling, no recognition… An overactive vandal.

Concrete walls, steel rolling to its final destination.

Lonely and lost soul… Stranded in those train yards.

A repetitive motion, a fleeting moment doomed to destruction.

A smell of freedom, “buntlack” is spraying my urge to devour everything.

An permanently dissatisfied personality, my first sketches came in the dark.

Perseverance, endurance, never been that lucky.

Mindset, destructive so you can learn to build yourself.

Budding happiness… My graffiti is starting to emerge.

Sincerity, fragmentation, treading the path of life. A firm belief in a ray of hope.

I decided to put all my faith in my art, for the ones I love.

Puissance créatrice et énergie vitale !

Sike explore l’univers de ses pulsions affectives. Fidèle aux lettrages du graffiti des origines, Sike personnalise ses écrits dans des compositions intuitives mais parfaitement maitrisées, dans lesquelles s’expriment sa force primaire et ses angoisses existentielles.


Jouant sur une large palette de couleurs intenses, l’impact ressenti traduit tous les aspects de sa sensibilité blessée. A la manière des avant-gardistes, Sike réinvente un style pictural moderne et profond plein de fougue et de rage.


Un témoignage poignant de son individualité forgée au gré de ses déchirures émotionnelles.